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Cart – Points Preview

The “Cart Page Preview” object displays the points that can be earned if the customer places the order.

Settings and Styling

To change options and colors, go to WooRewards → Settings → WooCommerce

This tool has several options :

  • Location : Choose where the loyalty systems list will be displayed in the cart page :
    • Not displayed at all
    • Between products and total
    • Left of cart totals
    • Bottom of the cart page
  • Show Detail : If this box is checked, customers will see all methods that will give them points. If unchecked, customers will only see a total of earned points.
  • Text for unlogged customers : If the user is not logged in, this text will appear.
  • Show for unlogged customers : Choose if you want to show the potential points to everybody or only to logged in customers.
  • Loyalty Systems : Select the loyalty systems for which you want to display the points that can be earned

To style the widget, select an element in the list and modify it to your will. For more information about the styling too, please refer to this part of the documentation.


If you don’t want to use the tool, you can use the [wr_cart_points_preview] shortcode.

This shortcode doesn’t accept any option. Simply put it on the desired page/post and it will display the potentially earned points with the actual cart.


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