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Owned Coupons

The Owned coupons widget shows to customers the WooCommerce coupons they own.

Options and Styling

To access the widget options, go to WooRewards → Settings → Widgets → Loyalty Systems.


This widget has 2 options :

  • Text displayed if user not connected : A default text is already set, you can change it if you want.
  • Text displayed if no coupon available : Display to logged users if they don’t own any coupon.

To style the widget, select an element in the list and modify it to your will. For more information about the styling too, please refer to this part of the documentation.


You will find the widget inside Appearance → Widgets → WooRewards Coupons.


There are a few options that you need to set :

  • Title : Title of the widget. Default wordpress widget title.
  • Header : The text displayed before the available coupons.



If you don’t want to use a widget, you can use the [wr_shop_coupons] shortcode.

This shortcode can be completed with one option :

[wr_shop_coupons header=”<my Own Header>”]
  • header : The text displayed before the coupons.
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