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The Wizard

The wizard is a powerful tool that will help you start your loyalty programs easily. It is an assistant that provides a large number of predefined scenarios. For each scenario, you set a few options and have the loyalty system created for you.

The wizard is only here to help you go fast and give you some ideas. You can change everything done inside wizards afterwards. Wizards also uses only basic features of WooRewards. We encourage you to go deeper and change the options as needed once the wizard is finished.

WooRewards will automatically launch the Wizard the first time you activate the plugin. Afterwards, you can access it through the menu WooRewards → Wizard.


For each wizard, you get the following information :

  • Name : The name of the wizard
  • Description : A short text describing the purpose of the wizard and what you can achieve with it.
  • Difficulty : A difficulty indicator ranging from Easy (1 star) to Insane (5 stars). Easy wizards are easy to understand and require few settings while insane wizards will create several loyalty systems, badges and achievements and require a lot of reading and settings. However, insane wizards are the most engaging for your customers.
  • Time needed : An indication of how much time is needed to finish the wizard.

Wizard Forms

Once you’ve selected a wizard, you will see different forms appear which look like this :



On the top, you will see a progress bar which indicates the different steps of the Wizard :

  • Dark Red : Steps already done. You can click on the bar to go back to that particular step.
  • Red : The current step of the Wizard.
  • Grey : The remaining steps of the Wizard.

On the center part, you will see the form of the current Wizard step. Simply follow the instructions and the inline help provided. Once you’re satisfied with your settings, click on the Next button

Finally, at the bottom of the form, you will find two buttons :

  • Cancel this wizard : You will leave the wizard and loose all settings already made.
  • Leave this wizard : You will leave the wizard but you won’t loose your settings. Simply come back to the wizard to resume your setup.

Wizard Summary

At the end of each wizard, you will see a summary of all settings made. Review them, and, if you’re ok with the settings, submit the summary. The wizard will then process all information and generate the loyalty systems and all other options.

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