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Variable Discount

Variable discount is a special rewards because it has no specific cost. Instead of an amount of points needed to unlock the reward, you set a value per point in money. Customers can convert all their points in a one time discount to use it on their next order.

Variable Discount

Variable discounts can only be used on standard systems.



Settings :

  • Title : Title displayed for customers. Leave empty for automatic title.
  • Description : Description displayed for customers. Leave empty for automatic description.
  • Featured Image : Image displayed next to the reward in emails and widgets.
  • Minimum points : Points under which the customer can’t redeem the reward.
  • Send Reward email : Set if customers will receive and email or not when they unlock this reward.
  • Amount per Point : Conversion rate of points to money.
  • Auto-apply on next cart : If checked, the generated coupon will be automatically used on the next order.
  • Validity period : Validity period of the coupon when redeemed. If checked, you can specify a period.
  • Minimum spent : Minimum order amount under which the customer can’t use the coupon.
  • Individual use only : Defines if the coupon can be used with other coupons or not.
  • Exclude sale items : Defines if the coupon can be used with products on sale or not.

Additional Options

Because of its nature, this reward has some additional options that you can use inside the reward custom description. Use the following shortcodes in the description to display specific information :

  • [amount] : The amount of the coupon that the customer will get if he unlocks his reward right now.
  • [min_amount] : The minimum order amount to be able to use the generated coupon.


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