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User Title

In leveling systems, you can give a user title as a reward. It’s particularly useful when customers want to see what level they reached.

User Title

Go to WooRewards → Loyalty Systems and select the leveling loyalty system you want to edit. In the rewards section, click on add and select User Title



Enter the desired title and the displayed position (before or after the user’s name) and save your settings


The user title will automatically be displayed where the user name is displayed. However, we also provide a shortcode to allow you to display a user’s name and title where you want.

If you use the basic shortcode , only the user’s name will be displayed. You have to add different parameters to also show the title.

This shortcode accepts different parameters :

  • title : if set, the user’s title will be displayed along the user name
  • raw : by default, the shortcode displays the user’s name and title inside stylable divs. However, is you use the raw options, these stylable divs will be removed.
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