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Free Product

Use this reward to offer a free product to your customers.

Standard Systems

Levelling  Systems


Settings :

  • Title : Displays a title for customers. Leave empty for automatic title.
  • Description : Displays a description for customers. Leave empty for automatic description.
  • Featured Image : Displays an image next to the reward in emails and widgets.
  • Points : (Standard systems only) The points customers need to unlock the reward.
  • Active Start Date : (Standard systems only) Starting date where this reward becomes available in the loyalty system. Different from the validity period.
  • Active End Date : (Standard systems only) Date after which the reward can no longer be redeemed in the loyalty system.
  • Product : The product you want to offer. You can search for the product by typing in text.
  • Validity period : Validity period of the coupon when redeemed. If you check it, you can specify a period.
  • Minimum spent : Minimum order amount under which the customer can’t use the coupon.
  • Individual use only : Defines if the coupon can be used with other coupons or not.
  • Exclude sale items : Defines if the coupon can be used with products on sale or not.
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