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The Administration Panel

Our plugins use the same administration interface. This interface, called LWS Admin Panel, is directly supplied with each of our plugin. We use LWS Admin Panel  to display a simple and intuitive administration interface for all our plugins. You will see it appear as shown below:

  • In the top left: LWS Admin Panel version number and name of the plugin.
  • In the top right, the quick access menu with various links :
    • Long Watch Studio website
    • Plugin Documentation
    • Other LWS plugins
    • Youtube Channel
    • Discord Server
    • Support email
    • License and Activation
  • In the centre: the configuration options for the selected plugin. This part is split into sections:
    • At the top: tabs to access the plugin’s main configuration sections.
    • On the left: menu headings to jump to the section you require.
    • In the centre: settings of the plugin with a Save button that is always visible.

We designed, developed and maintained this tool to provide you with a clear, legible and intuitive interface for configuring our plugins. However, if you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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