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General Settings

To access WooRewards general settings, go to WooRewards → Settings → General Settings.

General settings

In this section, you will find the following options :

  • Include taxes : By default, WooRewards doesn’t include taxes when calculating earned points. If you check this box, it will.
  • Points on ‘Complete’ order only : WooRewards adds points when orders have the Processing status. If you check that box, it will only give points when orders get to the Complete status.
  • Enable badge/achievement management : Turn this option off if you don’t plan on using badges and achievements. It will disable all related features.


By default, WooRewards displays information relative to loyalty systems and rewards in the WooCommerce ‘My Account’ page. You can override that setting here by selecting another page.

Reward popup

The reward popup show when a customer redeems a reward, either by clicking an email link or by using one of the various tools at your disposal.


You can set a few options :

  • Redirection page after a reward is unlocked : By default, the popup redirects to the same page when a customer unlocks a reward. You can override that setting if you want.
  • Show remaining available rewards after a reward is unlocked : If checked, the popup will display other possible rewards.

The reward popup uses all the height it can or needs in order to display remaining rewards. However, it will never be higher than the size available on the customer’s screen. If need be, it displays a vertical scrollbar to navigate through available rewards.

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