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Leveling Systems

In a leveling system, users can earn points in various ways. You define different levels that customers can reach. For each level, you can define one or more rewards. Once they sum enough points to reach a level, customers earn all the rewards set at that level. If you want to set up a leveling system, you can watch our Youtube tutorial :



To create a leveling system, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to WooRewards → Loyalty Systems and click the Add button.
  • Enter a title and select the following options :
    • Leveling Behavior
    • Permanent Type
    • Its own points
  • Click the Create button

Leveling system mechanics

Before going further with your system, there are some specific mechanics you need to understand.

In a leveling system, customers keep earning points, they never spend them. When they have enough points to reach a new level, they unlock this level and all the rewards attached to it.

Firstly, when customers unlock a level, they win all the level’s rewards. Secondly, the system also registers the level unlocked for that user. As a consequence, if you change that level, the user won’t be able to unlock it again. If you change the points needed, the name or even the rewards, it won’t have any impact on the customers who already unlocked that level.

However, one special mechanic can counter that. If you use the Points expiry for inactivity AND the Loose rewards when points expire features, customers will be able to unlock levels again.

In addition, deleting or changing rewards on loyalty systems will have no impact on rewards already won.

General Settings

  • Status : Set it to On or Off. If set to Off, the system isn’t active and customers can’t earn points
  • Title : The title of your system

Points Display

You can change how points are displayed to your customers for each points pool that you use. If you want to rename the points, here are the different possibilities :

  • Point display name : The word that will replace “Point” for front-end display. If you don’t use the plural option, this is the word that customers will see for both singular and plural.
  • Point display name (plural) If you want to have a different name for singular and plural forms, you can specify the plural name here.
  • Point symbol : If you want to use an image instead of a word, you can select an image here. The image should be small (max height : 25px). If set, this will replace the name specified above.
  • Point name position : Defines if you want the point name or symbol to be placed before or after the number.

Advanced Settings

You will find the button on the top right corner of the settings window. Click it to reveal new settings options for your loyalty system. These settings are for advanced users only and most of the time, you won’t need them.

The advanced settings for leveling systems are :

  • Restricted Access : This option lets you restrict the loyalty system to specific user roles. If no role is selected, the loyalty system will apply for all user roles.
  • Points expiration : Please refer to the dedicated part of our documentation.
  • Loose rewards when points expire (Leveling Systems only): On leveling systems, customers unlock rewards when they reach a new level. Those rewards can be permanent, like permanent discounts, user roles, etc. Check that box if you want customers to loose all their rewards when points expire.
  • One level at a time (Leveling Systems only): In leveling systems, it will sometimes happen that a customers earns enough points in one time to unlock several levels at once. Check this box if you want to prevent this to happen. When checked, customers will only be able to earn points up to the next level. They’ll have to come back another time and interact more with your webiste to gain access to the other levels.

Earning Methods

Customers have lot of ways to earn points in your loyalty system. They’re all listed in another section of that documentation.

Levels and rewards

Unlike standard systems, leveling systems ask you to create levels before setting rewards. Here’s how to create levels on your loyalty system :

  • Click the big Add Level button
  • Name your level
  • Specify how many points are needed to reach the level.
  • Confirm your settings
  • Add rewards to your level
  • Repeat until all you have all levels needed.

You can see all available in the dedicated section of the documentation. However, note that some rewards are unique to leveling systems : permanent discounts and custom rewards.

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