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Loyalty Systems are the main feature of WooRewards. A loyalty system allows customer to earn points and receive rewards. However, before setting up your first loyalty systems, here are some useful definitions :


Loyalty systems have 2 different behaviors, standard and levelling :

  • In the standard behavior, customers earn points, and, when they sum enough points to unlock a reward, they can spend those points.
  • In the levelling behavior, cusomers never spend their points. They keep earning points. When they reach a new level, they unlock all the rewards defined at that level.

System Type

Loyalty systems can be permanent or temporary.

A Permanent system, if set to “On”, will always be used.

An Event System, even if set to “On”, will only be used in the defined period.

Points Pool

Every loyalty system uses points. The points are stored in pools. In other words, each loyalty system stores its points in a dedicated pool. But two loyalty systems can share the same pool.

If loyalty systems share points, all points earned or spent in one system will also be earned or spent in the shared systems.

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