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How does it work ?

WooRewards is all about Loyalty Systems. At first, you may want to use only one loyalty system. But you’ll see the full extent of WooRewards possibilities by combining multiple loyalty systems together.

Understanding loyalty systems

You should see a loyalty system as a link between 3 elements :

  • a points pool
  • methods to earn points
  • rewards

The points pool

The points pool is the points reserve for each customer. When the customer performs certain actions on your website, he/she earns points in his/her personal reserve. The points can then be used to generate rewards.

You can create as many points pool as you want. By default, when you create a loyalty system, it creates its own points pool. It means that if you create multiple loyalty systems, customers will have multiple points reserves. And they will fill those reserves differently according to your settings.

Points pool can be shared. You can have more than one loyalty system using the same points pool. It may look useless at first but it’s a key feature of successful loyalty programs. It’s especially useful if you plan on creating events or role based loyalty systems.

Methods to earn points

In WooRewards, customers can earn points in a lot of different ways. When you set an earning method, you create a way for customers to earn points for a specific points pool.

A set method on a loyalty system can only grant points for one points pool. If you want an earning method to give points to different pools, you have to set the method multiple times in different loyalty systems.


Rewards are the definition of what users can win with their points. When you define a reward in a loyalty system, it is not an actual reward. It’s the information from which rewards will be generated. You will never see users coupons or owned rewards inside a loyalty system.

What happens is this : you set up rewards in your loyalty systems. When customers have enough points in their pool, their personal rewards are automatically generated (or manually unlocked) using your settings. Those rewards can be WooCommerce coupons, roles, badges…


In the other sections of the documentation, you will learn how to set up loyalty systems and how to make them match your needs.

Customers and information

Having a good loyalty program is great, but it’s pointless if your customers don’t know about it. WooRewards comes with a lot of tools to inform and advertise your customers about your loyalty program.

Informative emails

Informative emails are automatically sent to your customers when something significant happened regarding their loyalty program. It can be emails related to unlocked rewards, soon to expire points or rewards, sponsorship …
Informative emails do not fall under GDPR rules ! Unlike advertising emails, you don’t need customers consent and/or unsubscribe links in informative emails. WooCommerce emails don’t have unsubscribe links, neither do WooRewards emails.
All possible emails and their settings are explained in the dedicated section of this documentation.

Widgets and Shortcodes

WooRewards provides a lot of widgets and shortcodes to inform customers about your loyalty program. You can display points, social media share links, sponsorship forms and a lot of other useful information.
You can either decide to create a loyalty program dedicated page on your website or advertise across your shop pages. Either way, WooRewards gives you the tools needed to customize widgets and shortcodes appearance.

WooCommerce integration

WooRewards also comes with several tools to integrate itself in WooCommerce specific pages. You have tools for product pages, the cart page and the “My Account” page.
WooRewards also provides shortcodes if you want to create custom pages with page builders for example.

Be creative

Your imagination is the only limit of what you can achieve with WooRewards. From the most simple loyalty program to gigantic mazes for your customers to play with, you can do what you want with WooRewards.

You can combine a lot of loyalty systems together, add badges and achievements, create separate programs for special events. It’s all in your hands.

We will soon release our wizard tool that will help you see all the possibilities of WooRewards.


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