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Can you do the settings for me ?

We often have requests sent to our support team about helping in setting up loyalty programs. Here are our support rules and the rules regarding helping you set up your loyalty program

Support Rules

Our support covers different areas :

  • You encounter difficulties using one of our plugins features
  • You have problems with your license or license activation
  • You found a bug when using the plugin
  • You didn’t find enough information on our documentation
  • You want to request a new feature after reading our specific development page.

If your request doesn’t concern one of the above topics, then our support team won’t be able to help you.

Loyalty Program Setup

We won’t usually do the settings for you on your website. We can point you in the right direction by giving you the good documentation links or give you some hints. Most of the time, it will be enough.

Sometimes however, you have complex loyalty programs in mind and really don’t know how to set them up. In these rare cases, we can study your request and set the loyalty program for you on your website. Send us the details of what you’re trying to do at and we’ll get back to you. For this service, we will charge you 60€ for each hour spent.

We will tell you upfront how many hours are needed to set your system up (most of the time, 1h is enough) and we’ll send you instructions on how to pay for the service.

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