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Can I transfer points from another loyalty plugin ?

If you’ve installed WooRewards to replace another loyalty plugin, you may want to transfer customer points from the previous plugin to WooRewards. This can be achieved by using our migration tool.

WooRewards Migration Tool

You can find the migration plugin here : woorewards-migration-tool-3.3.0

Download it and install it like a regular WordPress Plugin. Go to Plugins → Add → Upload a plugin. Select the zip file, install and activate it.

You can now select WooRewards Migration Tool in your WordPress administration menu.

Export points from your previous loyalty plugin

In the migration tool, go to the Export page. Here, you will see 2 options :

  • Export from WooRewards : Export points from a WooRewards Loyalty System. Use it to transfer points from a Loyalty System to another.
  • Export from other plugins : You can export points from a loyalty plugin in the list or specify a user meta_key if you know it.

In the second (and eventually third) option(s), select the loyalty plugin from which you want to export points.

The Previous plugin must be installed and active.

If you don’t find your previous loyalty plugin on the list and don’t know the meta_key, please contact us. We will add the plugin to the list.

Click on the export button. This will generate an export file that you need to save on your computer.

Currently supported plugins for points export are :

  • MyCred
  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards
  • SUMO Points and Rewards
  • IgniteWoo
  • HostPlugin
  • Yith Points and Rewards

Import points into WooRewards

Go to the Import page.

First, you need to select in which loyalty system you want to import customer points.

Once it’s done, select the previously downloaded file.

Finally, click on the Save Changes button. It will import the data and attribute points to your customers.


If you want to create an import file manually, you need to create a JSON file with the following data :


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