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Can I ask for a new feature ?

WooRewards packs a lot of features and we constantly add new ones to meet all your needs. However, some of you may want a specific feature to be added that we haven’t thought of. In that case, there are different scenarios for which those features can be added to woorewards.

Is the feature already in WooRewards ?

As said before, WooRewards already has a lot of features, but not all of them are directly visible or accessible. Some advanced options, useful only for some of you, can only be accessed through the “Advanced Settings”. On the top right of the settings page, you will see an “Advanced Settings” button. Click it to see all the advanced options appear. And there’s a lot of them. All these options are also explained in our documentation with the following image before : .

If you didn’t find the feature in WooRewards or in the documentation, then you can submit your feature add request to

You should note that only customers with a pro license can submit requests for new features. If you don’t own a WooRewards Pro license, then your request will be noted but we won’t act on it. When submitting your request, be sure to send us your license key in the email.

We will study your request and reply as soon as possible. The reply will give you a choice :

1 – The feature will be added to WooRewards

After studying your request, our team has decided that the feature you asked for can be useful to other customers or has been asked enough times to justify its development. In that situation, there are 2 options :

You can wait a few months

The feature will be added in our to do list and will be released in a future update. Depending on the feature’s complexity, it can take up to 6 months before being integrated in the plugin.

You want the feature right away

We need to change our team schedule to add your feature for the next release. Because of that change, we will charge you for half of the development cost. This represents a 320€/development day price. We will send you a time estimation and a price for the inclusion of the feature in WooRewards. If you choose to pay for the development, you will a receive an invoice with payment details. Once the money received, the feature will be added in the short term “To Do List” and released in the next update.

2 – The feature won’t be added to WooRewards

After studying your request, our team has decided that the feature you asked for shouldn’t be added to WooRewards. Most of the time, it’s because the feature is too specific or because it’s out of the plugin’s scope. In that case, here’s how it works :

  • We will propose to develop an add-on plugin specifically for you. This plugin will add the features you requested to WooRewards but they will only be available to you.
  • The price is 680€/development day. You should be aware of that price before choosing this solution.
  • If you want to proceed, you have to send us a full specification of the features you request with all relevant details.
  • After a few days, you will receive a specification from us explaining how we plan to answer your request. You will also receive a development time estimation and a quotation.
  • If you agree with the quotation, we’ll send you a contract to sign and a payment schedule. After receiving the first payment, the development will begin. Other details are specified in the contract.
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