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WooRewards sends a lot of different emails to your customers.Informative emails are automatically sent to your customers when something significant happened regarding their loyalty program. It can be emails related to unlocked rewards, soon to expire points or rewards, sponsorship …

Informative emails do not fall under GDPR rules ! Unlike advertising emails, you don’t need customers consent and/or unsubscribe links in informative emails. WooCommerce emails don’t have unsubscribe links, neither do WooRewards emails.

All possible emails and their settings are explained in the following sections of this documentation.

General Settings

You can access email general settings by going to WooRewards → Settings → Emails.

In the general settings, you can change the following values :

  • Header picture : This picture will be displayed on top of all sent emails. It shouldn’t be larger than 600 px.
  • Footer text : This text will be displayed on the footer of all emails. You can add links and html code if needed.

Customizing emails

WooRewards sends the following emails :

  • New Reward : Sent when a customer received a new reward.
  • Achievement : Sent when a customer unlocked an achievement.
  • Reward Choice : On standard loyalty systems, if you set up more than one reward, customers have to choose what reward they want to unlock. This email is sent to customers and they can choose what reward they want to unlock.
  • Expiry Reminder : Sent when a customer’s reward is about to expire.
  • Points expiry reminder : Sent when a customer’s points are about to expire.
  • Sponsorship : Sent to sponsored customers to advertise them about your website and give them a reward.

Above each email, you will see some options like the possibility to change the email subject.

Once you’re done customizing an email, you can test it by using the test email feature below the styling tool.

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