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Sponsorship is a lightly different feature than other earning methods in WooRewards. In order to use it, you need to use a dedicated widget/shortcode on your website. You also need to add a few more settings that we’ll describe here before proceeding with earning methods.

Sponsorship settings

To access sponsorship settings, go to WooRewards → Settings → Sponsorship :

First, you need to enable sponsorships by checking the appropriate box.

Once that’s done, here are the other settings you have to set :

  • Max sponsorships per customer : Maximum allowed sponsorships for customers. If you don’t set a value, customers can sponsor as many friends as they want.
  • Text displayed if user not connected : This sentence will be displayed instead of the sponsorship widget if the visitor isn’t logged in.
  • Text displayed on success : If the widget successfully sends a sponsorship email, this sentence will be displayed on the sponsorship widget.
  • Sponsored Reward : The reward for the sponsored customer. The coupon is generated as soon as the sponsorship request is sent. The sponsored can take advantage of his reward immediately.
  • Allow unlogged users to sponsor : If you check that box, unlogged users will still have the possibility to sponsor their friends. An extra input will ask them to enter their addresse email in addition to the ones of their customers.
  • Redirection if user not found : If an unlogged user tries to sponsor his friends, WooRewards will try to look for a user with the same email address. If WooRewards fails to find the user, the redirection will apply. You should redirect them to a page where they can log in or register.
  • Widget : This part is described in a dedicated section.

Now that the initial settings are done, you can use the sponsorship earning methods described below.

Sponsor a friend

With this method, customers can earn points by telling their friends about your shop. They need to fill email addresses on the sponsorship widget. They will get points as soon as the sponsorship email is sent.

Settings :

  • Title : Modify if needed
  • Earned points : amount of points earned when sponsoring a friend.

Warning : This method will give a lot of points to users if you’re not careful. You should set a max sponsorships limit or use another method below to prevent it.

Sponsored order

With this method, sponsors will receive points every time a sponsored places an order.

Settings :

  • Title : Modify if needed.
  • Earned points : amount of points earned when the sponsored completes the order.
  • First order only : Checked by default. If checked, only the first order placed by a sponsored user will give points.

Sponsored user registration

With this method, sponsors will only receive points when a sponsored registers.

Settings :

  • Title : Modify if needed
  • Earned points : amount of points earned when the sponsored registers to the website.


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