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The methods described in this section only award points once a year for customers. This is why they should be used on special loyalty systems.

Anniversary (Registration)

With this method, customers will earn points every year, on the anniversary date of their registration..

Settings :

  • Title : Modify if needed
  • Earned points : amount of points earned.

Warning : This method doesn’t give points when the user registers. Use the methods “Customer registers” if you want to grant points on registration.


This method gives points for the customer’s birthday. This means you need to have this information before using that method.

You will find the settings in WooRewards → Settings → WooCommerce

There, you will find three different options. Check the boxes which match your needs and save your settings. Customers will be able to fill in their birthday date.

You can now use the birthday earning method

Settings :

  • Title : Modify if needed
  • Earned points : amount of points earned when a visitor clicks on the link.
  • Early Trigger : Check this box if you want this method to be triggered before the birthday date (for an early reward for example). You can then specify the delay you want.

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