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Customers management

You can access customers and points management by going to WooRewards → Customers. You will then see the following interface :


This interface can be a bit complex. That’s why we’ll look at all features separately :

  1. Show/Hide loyalty systems points : Use the checkbox to show or hide loyalty systems columns in the users list. Useful if you have a lot of loyalty systems.
  2. Filter by badge : Filter to only see users who own a certain badge.
  3. Filter by user points : Select a loyalty system and a points range and click “Apply”. You will only see users who have points within this range for this loyalty system.
  4. Filter by activity/inactivity period : This tool allows you to search for users who have been active recently (earned/spent points) or users who haven’t been active for a long time.
  5. Narrow your search : In this field, look for the user name or email address.
  6. List Navigation : Use these buttons to navigate through the users list or display more/less users in a single page.
  7. User Row : A user row displays several information for a single customer. This part is further explained down below.
  8. Add/Subtract points : This tool lets you manually change the points of a user. This part is explained in detail down below
  9. Assign/Remove badge : Use these tools to add or remove badges from users. Select the user in the list, the badge you want to add/remove and click on Apply.

The User Row

The user row displays a lot of different information for a specific user. In addition, it contains some tools to see more information.

  • Users : This column displays the username, email address and name of the user.
  • Loyalty system column : In these columns, you can see the current points of the user in the loyalty system. If you click on the points number, it will display an history of all points movement for this user.
  • Rewards Column : On this column, you can see how many rewards a user owns. You can also click on the buttons to see more details.

Add/Substract points

This feature lets you change points manually for users in a selected loyalty system. First, you need to select one or more users on the users list (check the boxes next to the desired users names).

When it’s done, you should select the loyalty system for which you want to change the points.

There are 3 possibilities for points modification :

  • Add Points : Simply set the number of points you wish to add in the entry field.
  • Subtract Points : Enter the number of points you wish to subtract with the minus sign ( – ) before (-100 for example)
  • Change the total : Enter the new total of points with the equal sign ( = ) before (=100 for example)

Finally, you can optionally set a reason for which you changed the points. If you don’t set any, you’ll see the mention “Commercial Operation” in the history.

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