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Create and Edit Badges

In WooRewards, Badges can be both rewards and earning methods. To create and edit badges, go to the Badges menu.

Badges Edition


Firstly, you need to click on “Add New” to create a new badge. Secondly, you need to fill in the 3 needed informations:

  • Badge Image : We strongly suggest setting an image. A badge is very graphic and looses all its power without an image.
  • Title : The title of your badge.
  • Description : The description should match the badge purpose.

WooRewards doesn’t use categories and tags for badges yet. Therefore, you don’t have to fill these informations.

Badge Display

When people win badges, a popup animation shows on the website. You can style that popup. For example, you can make it match your site colors. To style the popup, go to Badges → Settings.


Use our styling tool to change the aspect of the popup or directly edit the css rules to match your needs.

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