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Achievements are how customers win badges. An achievement asks customers to repeat the same earning method a certain amount of times. Unlike loyalty systems, they don’t award points for each action but for each repetition of the action.

When customers repeat the action the right number of times, they win the badge. Of course, you can use the badge to unlock other rewards in loyalty systems.

Create and edit achievements

To edit achievements, go to WooRewards → Achievements. You will see a list of all existing achievements and a brief view of the action to perform to unlock the achievement.

If you want to create an achievement, click on the “Add” button at the bottom right of the list.

First, you need to give a name to your achievement and select the badge that will be won with the achievement. You must have an existing badge to set as a reward or you won’t be able to save your achievement. If you didn’t create a badge yet, please do so.

After that, you need to select the action to perform and how many times it must be performed. The action to perform is typically an earning method, like in loyalty systems.

To edit an achievement, click on the “Quick edit” button when you pass our mouse over an achievement.

Achievements, badges and loyalty systems

Achievements are a nice way to entertain your customers and encourage them to interact with your website. However, the best way to retain your customers is to reward them for that.

That’s why badges and achievement should only be a first step of a larger loyalty system. You should really use badges won through achievements as earning methods in a levelling loyalty system granting permanent rewards.

This final goal, for example a permanent discount, will be the true motivation for your customers. Not only will they have the fun of badges hunting, but they will get a real reward at the end.

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