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My Account – Achievements

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

Customers usually seek information regarding their achievements in the My Account page. So, it’s a good idea to display information about their achievements on that page.


Display Options

Go to WooRewards → Appearance → WooCommerce → My Account – Achievements.

Set the following options according to your needs :

  • Display the Achievements tab : Turn this on to show the Achievements Tab on the My Account page.
  • Achievements Tab Title : The Displayed name of the tab.
  • Endpoint Slug : The url showed to your customers. It will look like


Display Preview


You will now see a preview of how the data will be displayed with your settings.


The Theme Tool

At the bottom of the displayed preview, you’ll find a theme and color selector. Click on the Select a Theme button to display the available themes.

As you can see, there is a selection of light and dark themes that will cover a wide color spectrum. Each theme defines 7 colors.

Select the theme that fits your website the most. As a result, the preview will update with the new colors. You can then adjust each color to your needs and see the result in real time.

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