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Cart earned points

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

WooRewards allow customers to see potential earned points on placing an order with the Cart Page Preview tool.


Display Options

Go to WooRewards → Appearance → WooCommerce → Cart Page Preview.

Set the following options according to your needs :

  • Location : Select the display location from the following choices
    • Not displayed at all : The tool will not be displayed inside the cart page.
    • Between products and totals : The tool will be displayed between the products list and the total summary.
    • Left of cart totals : The tool will be displayed aside from cart totals.
    • Bottom of the cart page : The tool will be displayed bottom of the cart page.
  • Show Detail : Check this option if you want to show the methods to earn points detail.
  • Text for unlogged customers : Fill this if you want to show a text for unlogged customers.
  • Show for unlogged customers : Check this option if you want to show potentially earned points to unlogged customers.
  • Points and rewards systems : Select the systems you want to be displayed. By default, all allowed systems will be displayed. If you select several systems, they will be displayed separately, one after the other.



Checking the “Show for unlogged customers” option may come into conflict with the advanced settings inside your Points and Rewards program.

If you have set allowed roles, the default widget will not display potential points to customers that would not have the appropriate role.


Style the Tool



Set your options and save your changes before styling the tool. Some fields will appear according to your options choices.

Go to WooRewards → Appearance → WooCommerce → Cart Page Preview.

You can customize the appearance of the tool. To do so, select the elements you want to customize in the Available Elements list and change the desired values.

Don’t forget to save your settings when you’re done.

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