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Points and Rewards

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

In this tutorial, we’re going to see, step by step, how to set up a standard loyalty program. In this loyalty program, customers will receive points when performing various actions. They will then have the possibility to spend those points directly on the cart for immediate discounts or to unlock various rewards.


Create the Points and Rewards system


In your WordPress administration, go to WooRewards -> Points and Rewards and click on the Add a standard Points and Rewards system.

This will create a new loyalty program and open a new screen to set it up.

This screen is divided into 6 groups : Points, Rewards, General Settings, Points Expiration, Points Currency and Advanced Settings. We will see the first groups in details.


The first group is used to define what actions your customers have to perform in order to earn points in your loyalty program. In WooRewards, you can define as many methods to earn points as you want by choosing between the 20+ possibilities.


In the points group, click the Add button.

A popup will appear that will let you choose the points method you want to add.



If you received an email with detailed instructions, it’s time to read the next part of the email.



Select the method you want to add. By clicking one of the options, you will see a detailed description of the action to perform and some hints on how to use it. When you have found the method you want, click the Next button.

In the next popup screen, you will have to enter the values and options of the points method. If you need more information, read the Points section of our documentation or ask the support team for some help.

When you’re done, click the Save button. The action to perform is added to the list of methods to earn points.

Repeat the process as many times as necessary.


In this group, you’ll have to choose how your customers will spend their points. You can let users spend their points directly on the cart. If you choose this option, please set the following values :

  • Point value : The value of 1 point in your website currency
  • Max points usage : If you set it, customers can’t use more than this amount of points in the cart
  • Max cart percentage discount : If set, customers won’t be able to use their points to discount the cart more than the set percentage.
  • Lower Cart Limit : If set, customers can’t use their points to discount the cart below that limit
  • Minimum Cart Amount : Set a minimum cart amount under which customers can’t use their points on the cart


Here’s an example of the effect of these values :

  • Max percentage of cart : 30
  • Lower Cart Limit : 50
  • Minimum Cart Amount : 70

With the above values, customers can use their points when the cart subtotal is above 70$.

They can use their points to discount the cart down to 50$ or 70% of its total.


The other option is to let customers use their points to redeem various rewards. Rewards can go from various WooCommerce coupons to user role, user title or custom rewards. To learn more about the available rewards, check the Rewards section of the documentation.



Click the Add button to add a new reward to the list.

Choose between the rewards available. If you’re not sure what reward to choose, select different options and you will see a description of the rewards. When you’ve decided, click on the Next button.

In this new screen, you’ll have to decide how many points are necessary in order to redeem the reward and the details and value of the reward. Don’t hesitate to look at our Rewards documentation to see what the options are.

When you’re finished with the reward setup, click on Save. The reward is added to the rewards list.

Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

General Settings and other groups

The general settings group is mostly used for one thing, start or stop your points and rewards system. Here, we’re only going to name our system and start it.


Click on the Status button to turn your system ON.

The name of the system is also required. Name it how you want but for the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll name it Points and Rewards.

Now, click on the Save Changes button on the top right corner of the screen.

Congratulations, your Points and Rewards program is now up and running.

We didn’t look at the other groups in this tutorial but if you want to use these features, please take a look at the documentation :

Display information to your customers

Now that your loyalty program is ready, it’s time to show to your customers how they can use it to earn points and rewards. WooRewards offers a lot of tools to display loyalty information. We’ll cover here the most common widgets and tools but we encourage you to look at all the possibilities provided by the plugin.

First, let’s create a My Account page where users will see all the details of your loyalty program.


Go to WooRewards → Appearance → WooCommerce → My Account – Loyalty

First, click the Display the Loyalty and Rewards tab checkbox to enable the page. You can also change the name of the tab if you want.

Next, you have to select which elements you want to display on the My Account page. For our case, select the following elements :

  • Unlockable Rewards : It will display the rewards that can be unlocked by the customer if he has enough points. If you chose the Rewards and not the Points on cart, you should check this one.
  • Points and rewards systems Details : Check this box to show to your customers how they can earn points and the rewards they can get.
  • Customers Points History : Customers will see an history of points they earned and spent.

You can rearrange the order of these options if you want. Just drag and drop the options in the order you want.

Finally, select the points and rewards system you want to show.

Don’t forget to save your changes.


Now it’s time to display information on the cart. Depending on the choice you made earlier concerning the rewards, you’ ll have to choose between 2 tools.

If you chose the Points on Cart


Go to WooRewards → Appearance → WooCommerce → Points on Cart

Select the location to display the tool on the cart and/or on the checkout page. You can also style the tool if you want to.

If you chose the Rewards


Go to WooRewards → Appearance → WooCommerce → Cart Coupons

Select the location to display the tool on the cart page. You can also style the tool if you want to.


That’s it, you’re now ready to engage your customers in a brand new loyalty program.

This is the end of this tutorial but WooRewards offers a lot more features and possibilities. Please read the documentation to discover all of them.

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