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Bronze, Silver and Gold

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

The purpose of this tutorial is to create a simple leveling points and rewards system. This system will encourage your customers to place orders on your website. As a result, they will progress through different levels and earn more interesting rewards.


What is a leveling system ?

Usually, in a loyalty program, customers earn loyalty points in various ways and spend those points on rewards and discounts. However, leveling systems are different. In a leveling system, customers don’t spend their points. They keep earning points until they unlock new levels and the attached rewards.

In this tutorial, we will create a 3 levels loyalty program. Customers will earn points by spending money on your website. And, with each level they unlock, they will earn a higher permanent discount as well as a user title that will reflect their progress.

Create the leveling points and rewards system


Go to WooRewards → Points and Rewards and click on ADD A LEVELING POINTS AND REWARDS SYSTEM

In the new window, go directly to the General Settings group and enter the name of your system : Bronze, Silver and Gold

Methods to earn points

Now that the system is created, it’s time to add a method to earn points for your customers. Here, we’ll only give points for the money spent on the website.

In addition, we only want customers to receive points for the money they really spent. As such, we will remove the discounts from the points calculation.


Go to the Points group and click the Add button

In the new window, select the Spend Money method to earn points :

In the next window, leave it to $1 = 1 point and simply check the Amount after discount checkbox :

Click on the Save button.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels

Now, customers can earn points when spending money. It’s now time to turn these points into rewards. Here, as they progress, we want customers to unlock various levels. And, with each new level, they will get better rewards.

Let’s start by creating our first level.


Go to the Levels and Rewards group and click on Add level

Here, we will create the Bronze Level. Customers will have to spend $200 (aka 200 points) to reach that level. Therefore, set the following values in the level creation fields :

When that’d done, click the checkmark button.

After creating the level, it’s now time to set the rewards. Let’s start by adding a Bronze Member title.


Inside the Bronze level, click on Add :

In the reward selection, select User Title and click the Next Button

In the Title field, enter Bronze Customer and in the Customer’s Title field, enter Bronze Member. Click on Save.

A title is not enough to motivate customers. We will also add a 2% permanent discount as a motivation.


Like before, click on the Add button in the Bronze Level

On the popup, select Fixed/Percentage discount and click on the Next button.

Set the following values :

  • Title : Bronze discount
  • Description : 2% permanent discount on all orders
  • Discount type : Percentage discount
  • Permanent : checked
  • Auto-apply on next cart : checked

When you’re done, click the Save button.

Your level should now look like this :

Now that you know how to create a level and add rewards, it’s time to repeat the process for the Silver and Gold Levels.

For Silver, you’ll set a Silver Member user title and a 5% permanent discount. Customers must earn 500 points to unlock the Silver Level.

For Gold, you’ll set a Gold Member user title and a 10% permanent discount. Customers must earn 1000 points to unlock the Gold Level.

At the end, your Levels and Rewards section should look like this :

Congratulations, your Bronze, Silver and Gold loyalty program is now ready. Save your changes and your customers can start earning points.


When a customer unlocks a new level, the new rewards will replace the previous ones if they have the same type. In this case, a new title will replace an existing one and a new permanent discount will replace an existing one.

Other settings

As you can see, the points and rewards system offers other possibilities. We won’t use these features here but you’re free to look at their respective documentations to learn what the achieve :

Display information to your customers

Now that your loyalty program is ready, it’s time to show to your customers how they can use it to earn points and rewards. WooRewards offers a lot of tools to display loyalty information. We’ll cover here the most common widgets and tools but we encourage you to look at all the possibilities provided by the plugin.

Let’s create a My Account page where users will see all the details of your loyalty program.


Go to WooRewards → Appearance → WooCommerce → My Account – Loyalty

First, click the Display the Loyalty and Rewards tab checkbox to enable the page. You can also change the name of the tab if you want.

Next, you have to select which elements you want to display on the My Account page. For our case, select the following elements :

  • Available coupons : It will display the discount coupons owned by the customer.
  • Points and Rewards systems Details : Check this box to show to your customers how they can earn points and the rewards they can get.
  • Customers Points History : Customers will see an history of points they earned.

You can rearrange the order of these options if you want. Just drag and drop the options in the order you want.

Finally, select the points and rewards system you want to show.

Don’t forget to save your changes.

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