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Double Points Event

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

In this tutorial, we’re going to see, step by step, how to set up a Double Points Event for an existing Points and Rewards program.


The Original Points and Rewards

Activating a Double Points Events requires an existing Points and Rewards program. This tutorial is about Double Points.

If you don’t have an existing Points and Rewards program, follow this tutorial : Points and Rewards

Create the Double Points Event program


Go into WooRewards → Points and Rewards, select the existing Points and Rewards program and click on the “” Action button.

This will open a new Menu where you will click on Copy

This will open a new window with the copy of the original Points and Rewards program.

This leads to a new program, where all the original Points earning method are set, but also rewards and other settings.

As we only want to give double points, we first need to empty the Rewards


In the Rewards group, click on each reward line’s “” Action button.

In the opened menu, click on Delete :

Now the Rewards group should looks like this :

Now the important part in this system is that it has to give points to the original system.

For this, there is the most important information on this program : the Points Reserve inside the Advanced Settings group


It is important to check that this name is also the name you see in the WooRewards → Points and Rewards list, on the original system’s Points Reserve column.

It should also have the same background color

It’s time to make this system be only an Event one.


Go into the General Settings group

There you can see the System Type selector :

Turn it to Event to see Event dates :

Before we set the Dates, lets explain what each one does.

  • Start Date : Before that date, the points and rewards system is disabled but customer can see it. So they are prepared for the incoming double points.
  • Point earning end : After that date, customers can no longer earn points. But they still can spend them for rewards.
  • End Date : After that date, the points and rewards system will be disabled but customer can see it. Customers keep their remaining points but cannot use them anymore.

For the Double Points Event, we will only need the Start Date and the End Date


In Start Date, set the value 12/15/2021

In End Date, set the value 12/25/2021

This will let this system give points for the 10 days before Christmas 2021.

Now it’s time to fill the last required field


In General Settings, set the Title

Turn the system Status to ON

Now click on Save Changes

Now let’s check the result.


Go into WooRewards → Points and Rewards

You should see something like this :

In the Status, you will see the information “SCHEDULED“, that means the starting date is not yet over.

In the Event Dates, you can check the start and end dates.

In Points Reserve you should see the same information, same background color. That means you share the same points reserve.

Using the Wizard

To do the same but faster, you may use the dedicated wizard.


This replaces all the manually steps from point 2.


Go into WooRewards → Wizard and select Double Points

This opens the Double Points wizard’s settings :

Set the following options :

  • Loyalty System : select the original Points and Rewards System title
  • Start Date : set the 12/15/2021 (for example)
  • End Date : set the 12/25/2021 (for example)
  • User Role : keep empty. You could restrict the double points to a specific role

And click on Next.

On the Next screen, click on Submit.

You will be redirected inside the new Points and Rewards program where you can still manually change the settings.

You can also see that the Rewards list is already empty and the Points earning method the same than the original Points and Rewards program.

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