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This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

Since Version 2.5, WordPress supports Shortcodes. Shortcodes are unique tags that will execute macros or scripts on your page or post’s content. As such, they’re really powerful and can deeply modify the content of your pages.

A trivial shortcode for a gallery looks like this:


Shortcodes can also be used with additional attributes as the following example shows:

[gallery id="123" size="medium"]

Both examples will display an image gallery, which would be hard to maintain when writing the HTML markup for it and keeping it in sync with uploaded images. By using a shortcode, the markup for the gallery will be created dynamically and automatically.

How to add a shortcode on your website

First, you need to edit the post or page where you want to add the shortcode. Secondly, you need to add the shortcode to your content. You can find more information in wpbeginner’s guide.

WooRewards Shortcodes

WooRewards provides a wide list of shortcodes you can use to add loyalty related content to your website. You’ll see all of them in the following sections of the documentation.


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