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WooVIP Membership


The WooVIP Membership reward will grant the designed WooVIP Membership to the customer.


Requires a activated and installed WooVIP Pro.



Go to WooRewards → Points and Rewards and select a Points and Rewards system to edit.

In the new window, go into the Rewards or Levels and Rewards group.

In the rewards list (or inside a level), click the Add button and select Grant WooVIP membership.

Click the Next button to get access to the options :

Set the following values :

  • Reward Information

    • Title : The reward’s title. It will be displayed to customers on various widgets, emails and WooCommerce pages.
    • Description : The reward’s description. It will be displayed to customers on various widgets and emails.
    • Featured image : The reward’s image. Customers will see this when they receive a new reward email or inside rewards widgets.
  • Reward Settings

    • Points needed : The points needed in order to unlock that reward. You won’t see that information in leveling points and rewards systems as this value is set directly inside the level.
    • Send Reward email : Decide if customers receive an email when they unlock that reward or not. The default value is Yes.
  • WooVIP Membership

    • WooVIP Membership : The membership you want to give.
    • Duration : The duration of the membership.
    • Memberships to revoke : Select the memberships that need to be revoked on getting the new one.
    • Quiet revocation : If checked, a membership revocation does not trigger any event. You can ignore this if you do not use complex system with point earning method on losing membership.
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