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Percentage discount coupon


The Percentage Discount Coupon reward will generate a WooCommerce coupon that customers can use on their cart to get a percentage discount. Since it’s a WooCommerce coupon, it will follow the same rules than other coupons.



Go to WooRewards → Points and Rewards and select a Points and Rewards system to edit.

In the new window, go into the Rewards or Levels and Rewards group.

In the rewards list (or inside a level), click the Add button and select Fixed/Percentage discount.

Click the Next button to get access to the options :


There are a lot of options available, we’ll look at each of them in detail so that you know which ones to use :

  • Reward Information

    • Title : The reward’s title. It will be displayed to customers on various widgets, emails and WooCommerce pages.
    • Description : The reward’s description. It will be displayed to customers on various widgets and emails.
    • Featured image : The reward’s image. Customers will see this when they receive a new reward email or inside rewards widgets.
    • Coupon Description : The WooCommerce coupon’s description. Every time customers unlock this reward, it will generate a WooCommerce coupon with that description.
  • Reward Settings

    • Points needed : The points needed in order to unlock that reward. You won’t see that information in leveling points and rewards systems as this value is set directly inside the level.
    • Send Reward email : Decide if customers receive an email when they unlock that reward or not. The default value is Yes.
    • Discount Type : Here, you have to set it to percentage discount.
    • Coupon amount : The discount’s amount.
    • Permanent : (Leveling Points and Rewards Only) If set, this reward can be used indefinitely by customers.
    • Validity period : Check this box if you want to set a validity period for the generated coupon. If you check that box, you will have to set the period.
    • Limit to X items : Limit to how many items on the cart this coupon can be applied to. See how to use this option in the example down below.
    • Auto-apply on next cart : If you check this box, every time a reward coupon is generated, it will automatically be applied on the customer’s next order.
    • Minimum spend : The minimum cart amount needed to be able to use this coupon.
    • Maximum spend : The maximum cart amount to be able to use this coupon.
    • Individual use only : If checked, the generated coupon can’t be used with other WooCommerce coupons on the cart.
    • Exclude sale items : The generated coupon can’t be used on items on sale.
  • Allow / Deny Product Categories

    • Product categories : Select the product categories for which the generated coupon can be applied.
    • Excluded categories : Select the product categories for which the generated coupon can’t be applied.


Limit to X items example

In this example, you’ve set the Coupon amount to 20% and the Limit to X items value to 2, then the coupon can only be used to discount the value of 2 products at most.

If, in your cart, you have 3 products worth 10$ each, the total discount applied will be 4$ and not 6$ since it can only be applied on 2 products.

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