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The Birthday action is used to give points to users for their birthday.

The tradition is to give a direct gift on a user’s birthday. This is why this action is best used on its own Points and Rewards System. See our dedicated tutorial to set it up.



There is a security that prevents users from changing their birthday date in order to trigger this multiple times.



In your points and rewards system, click on the Add button and select Birthday :

Then, click the Next button. You will see a screen with the following options :


Let’s review the different options available :

  • Action title : Name of the action. This information will be displayed to your customers. You can rename it how you want.
  • Earned points : The amount of points earned.
  • Early trigger : Check this option if you want to give points a few days before the birthday.
  • Birthday meta key : If another plugin already handles the user’s birthday date, fill in the meta key used by it to store the user’s birthday date. Otherwise, don’t modify this value.



The early trigger option is very convenient if you want to send a gift to your customers that they can use on the date of their birthday.

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