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Spend Money

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

The Spend Money action is probably the most commonly used action to give points to customers. Customers will earn points when they place an order. The amount of points earned depends on the amount of money spent on the order.

In your points and rewards system, click on the Add button and select Spend Money from the Orders category.

Then, click the Next button. You will see a screen with many options.
Let’s review the different options available :

Action to perform

  • Action title : Name of the action. This information will be displayed to your customers. You can rename it how you want.
  • Priority : Can only be used if the feature is activated. This option is explained in the 10.5 – Priority documentation page.

Points settings

  • Money spent : The amount to spend in order to get points.
  • Earned points : The amount of points earned for each multiple of the Money spent value


  • Include shipping amount : Check this box if you want the shipping fees to be included in the order amount for calculating the amount spent.
  • Use amount after discount : Check this box to deduce the amount of used coupons for calculating the amount spent.
  • Threshold effect : If checked, customers will earn points for each multiple of the Money spent value. If unchecked, points will be rounded to the closest value.
  • Minimum order amount : Set a minimum order amount under which no points will be given.
  • Currency : (only available if the currency settings is on) Set the currency that will be required to trigger this points event.
  • Affected orders : Choose which orders will give points or not. If left empty, all orders will give points. See examples below to see how to use this option.
  • Order created via : Set the order’s origin(s) that will give points. Useful if you have different ways to receive new orders.

Allow / Deny Categories

  • Allowed categories : If left empty, all bought products can give loyalty points. If you set one or more categories, only the products which belong to these categories will award points.
  • Denied categories : If left empty, all bought products are taken into account. If you set one or more categories, the products which belong to these categories won’t be used.
  • On Sale : Define if the points are given for all products, on sale products only or products not on sale only.


  • Sponsorhip/Referral Origin : If set, only these origin will give points for this event.

Affected Orders examples

Here are some examples of how you can use this option :

  • 1 : This will give points only for the first customer’s order.
  • 1-10 : This will give points only for the ten first customer’s orders.
  • 1,5,10,20-50 : This will give points for the orders 1, 5 and 10 and all orders between the 20th and 50th.


Use amount after discount and categories/on sale restrictions are mutually exclusive. You can’t use both. Here’s why:

It’s due to the fact that if you limit to specific categories or on sale products, the system would have to check each discount to see if it applies to a product that gives points or not. It proved to be really slowing the websites.

For example :

  • Product A worth 10$ in the cart with category CATB
  • Product B worth 20$ in the cart with category CATA
  • Product C worth 10$ in the cart with category CATA
  • Discount 1 in the cart that gives 20% discount on CATA, limited to 1 item
  • Discount 2 in the cart that gives 10% on all categories, limited to 1 item
  • In WooRewards, you limit the points to category CATA and give 1 point for $1

Here, for each product, the system has to find how much points need to be given for each product :

  • Product A has the wrong category, no points should be given. However, it is the first item in the cart and Discount 2 is applied to all categories, but only to 1 item. Here, it will be applied to Product A. It means this coupon must be ruled out for the rest of the process. Discount 2 however also applies to 1 item, but only for category A. It won’t be applied here and won’t be ruled out.
  • Product B should give 20 points. However, Discount 1 applies and the product should be discounted to 16$ and only give 16 points. Discount 1 has been ruled out.
  • Product C will give 10 points as no discount applies.

WooCommerce doesn’t apply the coupons to the product lines. You will only see a total discounted on the cart subtotal block.

In this small example, you can see how it becomes quickly complicated to test all the possibilities to decide how many points should be given if you combine both features. The impact on the server performance can become very significant, adding 2-10 seconds to the cart loading time.

This is why these features won’t be combined together.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Information

WooRewards Subscriptions users will see another setting in addition to other settings :

Order type : You can decide which type of order will give points. The possibilities are : All orders, Initial subscriptions, Subscription renewals, Orders with no subscriptions.

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