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Buy a product

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

The Buy a specific product action is used to give points to customers when they place an order with a specific product on it.

In your points and rewards system, click on the Add button and select Buy a specific product from the Orders category.

Then, click the Next button. You will see a screen with many options.


Let’s review the different options available :

Action to perform

  • Action title : Name of the action. This information will be displayed to your customers. You can rename it how you want.
  • Priority : Can only be used if the feature is activated. This option is explained in the 10.5 – Priority documentation page.

Points settings

  • Earned points :The amount of points earned when placing the order with the product.

Product(s) to buy

  • Product : The product to buy in order to earn points. You can select several products.
  • Quantity Multiplier : If checked, points will be earned for each product in the cart meeting the conditions. Otherwise, points will be earned only once per order.
  • Currency : (Only available if the currency settings is on) Set the currency that will be required to trigger this points event.
  • Affected orders : Choose which orders will give points or not. If left empty, all orders will give points. See examples below to see how to use this option.
  • Order created via : Set the order’s origin(s) that will give points. Useful if you have different ways to receive new orders.


  • Sponsorship/Referral Origin : If set, only these origin will give points for this event.


Affected Orders examples

Here are some examples of how you can use this option :

  • 1 : This will give points only for the first customer’s order.
  • 1-10 : This will give points only for the ten first customer’s orders.
  • 1,5,10,20-50 : This will give points for the orders 1, 5 and 10 and all orders between the 20th and 50th.


WooCommerce Subscriptions Information

WooRewards Subscriptions users will see another setting in addition to other settings :

Order type : You can decide which type of order will give points. The possibilities are : All orders, Initial subscriptions, Subscription renewals, Orders with no subscriptions.

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