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Sponsorship Mailing

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

The Sponsorship Mailing widget can be used to let your customers sponsor their friends through emails.


Widget Setup and Customization

Before adding the widget to your pages, it’s important to set it up and customize its appearance.

Go to WooRewards → Features → Sponsorship & Referral → Sponsorship Widget.

This widget has some options :

  • Text displayed if user not connected : The text that will be displayed if user not connected. This text will not be shown if “Allow unlogged users to sponsor” is checked.
  • Text displayed on success : The text that will be shown to the user once the email is sent
  • Allow unlogged users to sponsor : If enabled, unlogged users will have to enter their email address in addition to sponsored addresses.
  • Redirection if user not found : If an unlogged user tries to sponsor friends, the system will try to find the appropriate user. If no user is found, the user will be redirected to the page specified here, inviting them to register. If nothing is specified, they will stay on the same page.

You can also customize the appearance of the widget. To do so, select the elements you want to customize in the Available Elements list and change the desired values.

Don’t forget to save your settings when you’re done.

Add the Widget on your pages

Go to Appearance → Widgets and, on the list of widgets, look for WooRewards Sponsorship Mailing.

Add it to one of your widgets areas.

Set the following values :

  • Title : The title that will be displayed over the widget.
  • Header : The text that will be displayed over the email field
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