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Social networks

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

In this section, you will find various shortcodes relative to social networks.


Social Share

This shortcode shows to customers buttons to share content on social media.
[[lws_social_share header=“your header” text=”your text” url=“specific url”]]

  • Attribute : Description
  • header : The text displayed before the social shares.
  • text : The text displayed before the share buttons.
  • url : By default, the widget shares the url of the page it’s displayed on. You can override that setting by setting an url in this option.


Connect social account

This shortcode displays a button to let your customers connect their social network account to your site.


Required if you want to give points for likes or comments on your social network page.
Button stays hidden if customer’s social network account is already connected.



For this shortcode to work, you have to enabled Facebook SDK in Features → Social Media.
Your settings have never been verified. Please check them in Features > Social Media.

[[wr_social_connect networks='facebook']]

  • Attribute : Description
  • networks : The names of social network for which you want a button to appear.
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