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Multi Currency

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

WooRewards is compatible with a lot of multi currency plugins. You can use this feature to adjust the quantity of points earned depending on the customer’s currency. It also works with rewards.



First, you need to activate Multi Currency support by going to WooRewards → Features → General Features → Advanced Features.

Here, check the Enable multi currency support checkbox and save your changes.


Now that the feature is enabled, you can set up the methods to earn points with a new currency option. This new option is available in all the methods to earn points related to money like Spend Money or Place an order.

In order to set up points for different currencies you need to use the same method to earn points multiple times, one for each currency you want to use.



In the following example, we’ll use Euros and Dollars. We want to give customers 1 point every time they spend $1.

Go into your points and rewards system (or create one if need be).

  • 1 : In the points section, create a first Spend Money point action to earn points. Set it to 1 currency spent = 1 point and don’t forget to select the US Dollars currency.
  • 2 : Now, create a second Spend Money point action to earn points. Here, set it up to 0.83 currency spent = 1 point and select the Euro currency.

Now, when a customer places an order, he will earn points depending on the amount of money spent in the currency he chose.




Regarding rewards, there’s nothing specific to set up as they will mostly be handled by your multi-currency plugin. In WooRewards, rewards can be WooCommerce coupons or direct usage of points on cart.

  • 1 : WooCommerce Coupons are generated in your base WooCommerce currency. The multi-currency plugin will convert this value when the coupon is applied to the cart.
  • 2 : Points on cart will automatically be converted when they’re applied for immediate discount.
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