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This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

In WooRewards, you can award badges to your customers for their performance on your points and rewards systems. The badges can be simple representations of their performance. In addition, you can use them to give access to other rewards.


The Badge feature requires that Achievements and Badges are activated. Go into MyRewards → Features → Achievements → Badges & Achievements Features and check the Enable Badge & Achievements option.


Create and Edit Badges

Before you use badges on your achievements and/or points and rewards systems, you need to create them.

In your WordPress, click on the Badges menu.

In the new window, you will see a list of all existing badges.

Either click on an existing badge or click on Add New to create a new badge.

Enter a title, set an image and a description and save publish your badge.



If you want, you can see a preview of the badge popup that users will see when they earn the badge.

To do that, click on the Run a preview button on the top right window


Badges Styling

You can style the popup shown to users when they earn a badge.

Go to Badges → Settings and look at the Badge Popup group :

Select the elements you want to style and change the colors, fonts and other elements. Don’t forget to Save your changes.

Badges Rarity

Badges rarity can be a bit tricky to understand but it’s a great tool to incentivise customers to hunt for badges.

How rarity works

Firstly, the system calculates what percentage of your users actually owns the badge using this simple rule :

Percentage = Number of users owning the badge x 100 / Number of registered users on the website

This rule gives a number between 0 and 100.

Secondly, the system compares the calculated percentage to the different rarity levels. And it retains the level that matches these rules :

  • The rarity level number must be higher than the percentage
  • The rarity level number must be the closest to the percentage of the rarity levels matching the precedent rule.

For example, let’s take a badge owned by 35% of users. We have the following rarity levels :

  • 20 : Rare
  • 50 : Uncommon
  • 100 : Common

If we apply the rules explained above, we get this result :

  • The rarity level number must be higher than the percentage : Only the common and uncommon levels match that rule
  • The rarity level number must be the closest to the percentage : The uncommon level is the closest to the percentage

In our example, the badge’s rarity is : Uncommon

Edit rarity levels

To edit the different rarity levels, go to Badges → Settings and go to the Rarity Levels group :

As you can see, there are some default rarity levels already set. If you want to edit one, simply click on the quick edit button on the line.

When you add or remove rarity levels, reload the page to see them sorted by percentage.


Use badges on points and rewards systems

You can use badges in different ways. Therefore, we have different documentations for how to use them.

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