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This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

Since WooRewards 4.2, you have the possibility to give points to customers when they perform various actions on Facebook. However, you need to configure various things on your website before. In this tutorial, we will see these settings in details.


1 – Facebook Page and Facebook App


First, you need to configure your Facebook Page and Facebook Apps. We created specific guides for that. Start by creating a facebook app to link to your facebook page. In order to achieve that, please follow this tutorial :


click the above link


Now that your Facebook page is linked to an app, it’s time to start receiving your page feed in WooRewards.



In WooRewards, go to Features → Social Media. The first group you’ll see the Facebook Settings group :

First, fill the Your App Id field with the Facebook App Id that you will find in your Facebook developer page here :

Then, save your settings.

Keep the administration page open as you will need the Callback URL and Verify Token in the next step of this tutorial.


It is now time to get back to your Facebook app configuration. Please follow the following guide to set up the Facebook page feed :


click the above link


Before taking the next step of this documentation, you must make sure that you’ve passed all steps and reached the following result :

If you don’t have information displayed with the Facebook Graph API tool, please retrace your steps and try again.


That’s all for this part. You will verify the Facebook connection at the last step of this documentation.


2 – Facebook Login


To give points to your customers, they have to connect to their Facebook account. WooRewards provides a widget for that purpose. However, you still need to add the Facebook Login product to your Facebook App for the widget to work.



Go back to your Facebook Developer page and select your App. Go down in the page to the Add Products to your App section. In here, select the Facebook Login product :

A new screen will appear asking you to select a platform. Select Web

In addition, Facebook will ask you for your website’s URL

Enter the base URL of your website and click the Save button.


That’s all there is to do for the Facebook part. It is now time to get back to the WooRewards configuration.



If you already use Facebook Login on your website with the help of a different plugin, this is perfectly fine and you don’t have to use the following widget. WooRewards will recover the information from the other plugin’s widget.



Go to WooRewards → Features → Social Media → Social Media Connect

First, select Facebook in the Social Medias connectors list (other connectors will be added in the future).

Then, you can edit the widget text and edit the buttons styles by using the styling tool. When you’re done, save your settings.


Finally, you have to add the social connector to one or more front pages of your website. You can either use the widget (set in Appearance → Widgets) or the shortcode that you will find in WooRewards → Appearance → Shortcodes → Social Networks.

Here is the shortcode you can use :

[wr_social_connect networks='facebook']

Attribute Description
networks The names of social network for which you want a button to appear.


3 – Test the connection


Now that your settings are complete, you need to test the connection between your Facebook page and your website. Only after a successful test will you be able to start giving points to your customers for their Facebook actions.

First, you need to connect your own Facebook account to your website. In order to do that, go to the page where you put the Social Connect Widget/Shortcode. Once you’re there, click on the Connect your Facebook Account. Validate the Facebook popup. Your account is now connected.

Now, go to your Facebook page and like one of your posts. It should send the information directly to your website and WooRewards will intercept it.

If you go to WooRewards → Features → Social Media → Facebook Logs, you should now see some data here, proof that the connection was successful and that you are now ready to let customers earn points and rewards for their Facebook actions.

If you see no data after you liked your post on Facebook, please retrace your steps one by one and see if you missed a setting somewhere.


4 – Setup your loyalty program


Finally, it’s time to set up the loyalty program and allow customers to earn points when they like or comment your Facebook posts. You can begin by following our tutorial on how to create a standard points and rewards system :

When setting up the system, you can add the following methods to earn points :

Congratulations, you finished the settings.

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