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Points Currency

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

For each points and rewards system you create, you can set your own currency. In this section, we’ll see the different options to create and display your points currency on the website..

To set the points currency, go to WooRewards → Points and Rewards. Here, select the desired points and rewards system.

Go to the Points Currency group.

Set the following values :

  • Point display name : The word that will replace “Point” for front-end display. If you don’t use the plural option, this is the word that customers will see for both singular and plural.
  • Point display name (plural) : If you want to have a different name for singular and plural forms, you can specify the plural name here.
  • Point symbol : If you want to use an image instead of a word, you can select an image here. The image should be small (max height : 25px).
  • Point name position : Defines if you want the point name or symbol to be placed before or after the number.
  • Thousand Separator : If customers have more than 1000 points, this character will be used as a thousand separator.



If you set a Point symbol, it will replace the values set on Point display name options.



In this example, we will replace the standard points by a new currency named Diamonds. We set the following values :

Here, the words Diamond and Diamonds are here only for the example. They won’t be displayed because we did set an image for the currency.

If we go to the cart, we can now use our diamonds :


If set, the points currency will be displayed on all widgets, shortcodes and endpoints.


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