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Points synchronization

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

This PREMIUM add-on lets you synchronise points movement between different websites.


Installation and activation

First, you have to purchase the add-on. Since it’s a premium add-on, you can’t install it directly. Therefore, go to Woorewards Add-ons and purchase the add-on. Then, download the zip file (link in the order confirmation) and install it like a new plugin.

After the installation, go to MyRewards → System → License management and enter your license key (also received in the order confirmation). That’s it, you’re good to go.

You can now go to MyRewards → System → Points Sync. tab to enter the right settings.


This solution is a synchronisation plugin that must be installed alongside WooRewards on all websites.

On all WooRewards websites, you should set up a similar points and rewards system.
Rewards have to be the same on all websites so that customers don’t see the difference.
Methods to earn points however can be different from one website to another if need be.

Mails have to be configured on only one website so that customers don’t receive multiple emails when they unlock a reward or a level.


Points not synchronized Warning

If points expire, they will need to be configured on each website as they won’t be synchronized.

This synchronization plugin will synchronize all points movements except the ones done by the plugin itself and the points expiration.


Manuel Points movement

If the administrator decides to add/subtract points to a user on any website of the network, all other websites will be updated.

Local site information

This entry displays all required information to fill the Remote sites on other websites. Each synced website must be set in all other websites’ Remote sites list.
These options are not editable.

  • Sharing key : This is a unique identifier that you will require in the Remote site setting. You can use the dedicated button to copy the key.
  • Your local URL : This is the local URL that will be asked inside the Remote URL on other websites.
  • Your Secret Auth : This is your unique secret Authentication key for the current website.
  • Your Secret Pass : This is your unique secret Password for the current website.

Remote sites

This list will show you all Remote synced websites, also showing you a Status column of the last synced action.

Click on the Add button to add another website into your Remote site list.

Set the required settings :

  • Remote Site : All information required to target the right Points Reserve.
    • Sharing key : Set the Sharing key from the Remote server.
    • Target Point Reserve : Go to MyRewards → Points and Rewards from the Remote server and copy paste the Points Reserve id in this field.
    • Observed Point Reserve : Select the local Points reserved that will be synced.
  • API : All information required to log into the Remote server.
    • URL : Set the remote URL you can find in the Local URL display from your Remote Points Sync.
    • Auth. : Set the remote Authentication key.
    • Pass. : Set the remote Password.


When you save the line, the plugin will try to ping the Remote server to check the settings and tells you if there is an error.

Advanced Settings

Here you can change some advanced settings like how many time you want the plugin to try to sync before it comes into an error.

  • Max sync. attempt : Set the maximum synchronization attempt before it will be indicated to fail into the Remote list Status.
  • Delay between new attempt (in seconds) : Set the delay between 2 attempt if it fails on any try.
  • Period covered by statistics (in days) : This only affects Status column in the Remote sites list. Errors over this value will be ignored.
  • Warning Period (in days) : This only affects Status column in the Remote sites list. Set the Number of day since the last error before a synchronization point turn Green again.
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