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Delayed and recurring points

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

This Add-On lets you perform add some new rules on how your customers can earn points. You can either set a delay after which points are given, distribute the points periodically or both. In this part of the documentation, we’ll see how to use it.



Installation and activation

First, you have to purchase the add-on. Since it’s a premium add-on, you can’t install it directly. Therefore, go to Woorewards Add-ons and purchase the add-on. Then, download the zip file (link in the order confirmation) and install it like a new plugin.

After the installation, go to MyRewards → System → License management and enter your license key (also received in the order confirmation). That’s it, you’re good to go.

Enable the feature

Now that the add-on is active, it’s time to activate the feature. Go to MyRewards → Features → General Features. As a result, you’ll see a page with different settings. In the Advanced Features group, 2 new checkboxes are available :

Each checkbox enables a different feature :

  • Enable delayed points : check this box if you want to enable the possibility to delay the attribution of points for a user action.
  • Enable recurring points : check this box to enable the periodic distribution of points for a user action.

Setup the points

You can now go to MyRewards → Points and Rewards and edit your points and rewards system. In the methods to earn points, you will find some new fields :

Points delay

Check the box to enable a delay after which points will be given. Afterwards, set the delay in days/weeks/months/years after which the points will be given.



If you set this option, points won’t be given when the user performs an action anymore. They will only earn points after the set delay.

Repeated points

Use this field to give points multiple times over time for a unique action. This is very useful if you sell annual subscriptions for example. This will let you give points by small amounts every month.

First, set how many times will be given. Then, set the period between 2 occurences of points distribution.



In the above example, 10 points are given 5 days after the action was performed. Then, 5 points are given again one month after the first distribution and a final time one more month later.

Track the delayed and recurring points

The Add-On also provides a new interface to track all ongoing, ended or cancelled points distribution. You will find this interface by going to MyRewards → Customers → Scheduled Points

The list presents different columns with various information :

  • Customer : Identifies the customer who’s receiving points
  • Next Date : Date of the next points attribution
  • Points Reserve : The points reserve to which points will be given
  • Earned points : How many points will be given
  • Source : This displays the origin of the points attribution in the following order Points and Rewards System / Method to earn points
  • Status : The actual status
  • Occurrences : How many times points were already given / How many times points will be given
  • Creation : Date at which the task was created.


You also have various filters you can use to view the wanted information. Finally, you can cancel or resume an ongoing task at any time.

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