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Advanced sponsorship information

This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

This FREE add-on allows you to see and show more information about sponsorships on your website.



First, you need to download and install the add-on. Go to MyRewards → Add-Ons and find the Add-On in the list. Click the Download button.

Afterwards, go to Plugins → Add New → Upload plugin and select the zip file you just downloaded. At the end of the process, click on Activate. That’s it, the Add-On is active.


Sponsorship List

You can see a list of the sponsorhips by going to MyRewards → Customers → Sponsorships.

For each sponsorship, you can see the following information :

  • Sponsor : The information about the sponsor.
  • Sponsee : The information about the sponsee.
  • Sponsorship Origin : How the sponsee was sponsored.
  • Pending invitations : If you use email sponsorships, this will show many sponsorships invitations were sent by the sponsor but didn’t receive an answer yet.

You can also add and edit the sponsorships.


Excel Export

Right under the sponsorship list, you will find an excel export button that will export the same data you see on the list into an excel file that you can save on your computer.



This Add-On provides 2 shortcodes that you can use on your front-end to show sponsorship related information to your customers.

Show Sponsor

This shortcode shows the sponsor of the current user.

[[wr_sponsored_by title="your title" raw="no"]]

  • Attribute : Description
  • title : The text displayed before the sponsor information.
  • raw : Defines if the name and title are put in stylable elements or not.


Show Sponsees

This shortcode shows the list of customers the current user sponsored..

[[wr_sponsees title="your title"]]

  • Attribute : Description
  • title : The text displayed before the sponsorship list.


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