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Registration Form

This documentation is for the Registration Codes plugin

The Registration Codes plugin provides a registration form that you can use in addition to standard WordPress and WooCommerce registration forms. You can use this form as a shortcode on your pages to display the registration form.

Go to Registration Codes → Registration Form to see the registration form settings. Here are the available settings:

  • Form Fields : Select the fields to display in the registration form. The order in which you select the fields is the order in which they will show on the form. Here are the possible fields :
    • Username : The username.
    • Email : The user email address, this field is mandatory
    • Password : Set a user password
    • First Name : The user’s first name
    • Last Name : The user’s last name
    • Display Name : The user’s name as it will be displayed on the website
    • Code : The registration code field
  • Page destination : Select a page to which new users will be redirected after their registration
  • Auto log in : Check this box to automatically login users after registratrion
  • Send en email : Check this box to send an email to customers to inform them about their registration
  • Shortcode : The shortcode to use to display the registration form

Finally, you’ll see a styling tool where you can customize the registration form. Please note that only the fields you’ve selected will show in the styling tool.

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