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Registration Codes

This documentation is for the Registration Codes plugin

There are several reasons to use registration codes. First, you can use them if you want to create private websites. Secondly, you can use them to filter your users and attribute them different roles. Finally, you can use them in your membership program to bring new members. But whatever the reason you have to use them, you’ll use the registration codes list page to manage your codes.

In your WordPress administration, go to the Registration Codes page. This page presents a list of all your registration codes as well as different filters and actions. Let’s review them to understand how everything works.

Codes List

The codes list presents a list of all your registration codes. It show different columns:

  • Registration Code : The code to use upon registration
  • Origin User : The user who created the code (useful if you combine this plugin with WooVIP)
  • Status : The code status. It can take a value between the following ones :
    • Draft : The code exists but is not active yet
    • Active : The code is active and can be used for registration
    • Inactive : The code is inactive and can’t be used for registration
    • Exhausted : The code has been used the max amount of times allowed. Users can’t use it anymore to register.
    • Expired : The end date of the code has been passed. Users can’t use it anymore.
  • Given Role : The role users will receive when using this registration code
  • Usage Count : The number of users who used the code. You can click this number to get the detail
  • Expiration Date : If set, show the date at which the code expires.
  • Action : Click the dots to perform specific actions on the code. More details below

Code creation and edition

In this page, you can create registration codes. In addition, you can edit existing ones. If you want to create a code, simply click the Add button at the bottom of the list. However, if you want to edit one, click on the 3 dots in the action column and select Quick Edit. As a result, you’ll see a popup with different fields:

  • Registration Code : Set the code to use upon registration (max 256 char)
  • Code Status : The current code status. You can’t modify this value here
  • Origin User : Set the code’s origin user.
  • Role to give : Set the role to give upon registration.
  • Max uses : Set how many times users can use this code to create an account
  • Expiration date : In addition to max uses, you can set an expiration date for the code.

After editing the code, save it.

In addition to creating and editing codes, you can perform 2 actions: activate and deactivate them. Only active codes can be used for registration. In order to activate or deactivate a code, click on the 3 dots in front of the code you want to edit and click the appropriate button.

List filters

If you have lots of registration codes, you may want to filter them in order to find the ones you want. As a result, the plugin provides several filters:

  • Code filter : Enter a code or part of a code to find the matching ones.
  • User filter : Search for users. This works for both origin users AND users who registered using a code.
  • Role filter : Search by given role.
  • Status filter : Filter by code status.
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