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Play Together

This documentation is for the Registration Codes plugin

We design all our plugins so that they can work together. What it means is that you combine 2 or more plugins, they add features to each other and create a comprehensive ecosystem in your WordPress/WooCommerce website.

The registration codes plugin also follows that line and you can combine it with WooRewards and WooVIP to add new features.


It’s very interesting to combine these 2 plugins. You can use them to let your members offer temporary memberships to their friends when they create an account. It’s a very good way to bring new members to your website.

In order to do this, go to WooVIP → Memberships and edit one of your memberships. You will find there a new group of options: Registration Codes.

First, let’s look at the available settings. Then, we’ll see how you can use them.

  • Count : Set how many registration codes can be generated by members during each period
  • Periodicity : Set how often registration codes can be generated by members
  • Membership to give : Select the membership that will be given to users who register using a code
  • Membership duration : Select how long the membership given by the code will last. Leave it empty for infinite membership

With these settings, you can let your members generate, periodically, registration codes. They can then send these registration codes to their friends and invite them to create an account. As a result, these new users will get access to a membership for a limited time when they register.

This is a fantastic tool to tease new users and show them all the benefits of your memberships. They get the opportunity to see all the membership advantages and perks and see if they want to keep them.

Code generation shortcode

Go to WooVIP → Appearance → Shortcodes → Registration Codes to find the new shortcodes. You can use the following shortcode to display a code generation tool :


This shortcode accepts the following options:

  • label : Set the label displayed on top of the registration codes form
  • button : Set the label displayed on the code generation button
  • id : For styling purpose, you can set an id to the DOM element

If you use this shortcode on one of your pages, members will see the different registration codes they can generate thanks to their membership(s). All they have to do is click on the temporary membership they want a code for and click on the button to generate the code. As a result, a code will show that they can share with a friend.

Codes history

This shortcode displays a list of all shortcodes generated by the member. It also shows if the codes were used and by whom.


This shortcode accepts the following options:

  • columns : Set the columns to display in the history. By default, the shortcode displays the code, the create date, the code status and the membership given. The possible values are:
    • code : The registration code
    • creation : The code creation date
    • status : The code status, used or unused
    • user : Name of the person who used the code
    • email : Email of the person who used the code
    • used : Date at which the code was used
    • membership : The membership given by the code
    • duration : The duration of the membership given by the code
  • column_headers : Define the headers that match the columns that you set in the columns option. Ignored if the columns option is missing
  • limit : Default is 20. Define how many codes are displayed at most in the history


If you combine the Registration Codes plugin with WooRewards, you can give loyalty points to users who use a registration code.

Go to WooRewards → Points and Rewards and edit the system in which you want to give points. In the points section, add a new method to earn points and select Use a registration code. Enter the amount of points to give and save.

That’s it, the next user who uses a registration code will immediately receive loyalty points when he enters the code.

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