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Play Together

This documentation is for the Referral Codes plugin

We design our plugins to work together. As a result,  if you have several of our plugins, they will add features to each other. In this part of the documentation, we’ll see how Referral Codes connects to other plugins.


WooVirtualWallet is a feature rich wallet plugin for WooCommerce. In addition, it also adds a full gift cards feature and much more. If you want more information, check this page.

If you combine Referral Codes and WooVirtualWallet, you can reward your referrals directly with wallet credit. The settings are really simple. Simply go to Referral Codes → Settings and, in the referral reward group, select Wallet Money in the Reward Type option.


The WooVIP membership plugin will give you the possibility to sell or give memberships to your customers. These memberships give access to special content, exclusive products and even special product prices.

With WooVIP, it’s a bit different and you will see the new features directly when you edit a VIP membership. In fact, in WooVIP, you’ll get the possibility to override the default referral reward by a reward specific to the membership.

In order to do that, go to WooVIP → Memberships and select a membership to edit. You will find a new “Referral reward” group in the membership edition. The options are the same than for the regular referral reward.


WooRewards is the most powerful loyalty plugin available for WooCommerce. It offers all the features you can expect from a loyalty plugin and a lot more. You’re welcome to take a look at it’s impressive features list.

By adding Referral Codes, you also add a new sponsorship origin into WooRewards. This means that instead of giving rewards to your referrals, you can give them points in your loyalty program instead. This can lead to much higher rewards or a specific status on your website.

To take advantage of the new sponsorship origin, edit your points and rewards system. In the methods to earn points, inside the Sponsorship Origin option, select the Referral Code origin. When a customer uses the referral code, the referral code owner will earn points according to the method settings.

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